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Writing, Editing, Research and Website Services

The owner of offers a variety of high-quality writing, editing, research and website-related services.


Do you need well-researched articles for your website, blog or newsletter? If so, I can supply high-quality material on a wide range of subjects. I always provide reference lists and thoroughly proofread the text before sending it to clients.

Cost: $0.18 per word; extra $0.01/word for British, Australian English


If you have a webpage, personal letter, newspaper column or other document that requires careful editing, I can help. I will eliminate any mistakes while enhancing the clarity of your text. You'll also receive a list of changes.

Cost: $2.50 plus $0.04 per word (paste your text into an email message)


Minor flaws in a website could affect your ranking in Google results or cause you to lose customers. I can examine your site and make a list of typos, broken links, inconsistencies, technical issues, duplicate content and other problems.

Cost: $25 (includes a 5% discount on any services you use to correct problems)


When you need answers but don't have time to find them, contact me for assistance. I'll use websites, email, books, software and/or phone calls to conduct research. Clients receive detailed answers and lists of trustworthy references.

Cost: $9.85 per answered question; no fee if I can't answer it


I accept credit/debit and PayPal payments. You may combine multiple discounts. Anyone who has purchased writing services in the past or donated at least $15 to can request a 5% price reduction. Eligible charities also qualify.

If you're interested in any of the services described above, please send an email message: admin @ (be sure to remove the spaces)

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