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Kern Audubon Society Wins Award

Congratulations to the Kern Audubon Society, the latest recipient of a Award. This distinction recognizes the KAS for its positive, beneficial mission and fast, well-designed website. Links to the society's homepage appear in BL's "Animals" and "Nature" sections.

The KAS was established more than four decades ago. This Bakersfield nonprofit strives to protect bird habitat and educate the public about these enchanting creatures. It helps people spend more time in nature by arranging an assortment of field trips.

These excursions have provided locals with opportunities to visit various wilderness areas that birds call home. Among other places, trip destinations include the Bitter Creek National Wildlife Refuge, Poso Creek, Tule Elk State Reserve and Kern River Preserve.

The Kern Audubon Society schedules meetings that anyone can attend without paying a fee. These events usually involve thought-provoking presentations and discussions. They provide an enjoyable way to learn more about nature while meeting people with similar interests.

The KAS website features an attractive yet fast-loading design. It's easy to navigate and works well on a wide range of web browsers. Visitors can read about the organization, download a free PDF bird guide, check upcoming events, become members or donate online.

Anyone may subscribe to the nonprofit's monthly Warbler e-newsletter at no cost. Among other things, it offers local bird photos, news about wildlife habitat and details on KAS events. The website provides easy access to previous issues that the group published since 2006. Award winners gain a variety of benefits, including free publicity and substantial discounts on writing, editing, research and website services. The owner of has also made a small donation to help support the Kern Audubon Society.

Posted October 2019 - (C) 2019